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February 24, 2004
Steel withstands Aftershock
Terry Steel overcame overhwhelming personal as well as physical odds at the yearly GCW Aftershock PPV to become the World Heavyweight Championship. Terry Steel entered the annual 30 man Darwin's Dungeon: Survival of the Fittest match, and was the sole survivor.
Unlike previous years, the Darwin's Dungeon match was not just about getting the coveted number one contender spot. Nope, this year it was for something just slightly better . . . The World's Heavyweight Championship itself.
And tonight, in his first pay per view appearance as a competitor, Terry Steel walked away with the gold.
But it almost didn't happen.
"It's a whirlwind, man," Terry said in a post match interview. "I didn't have time to be nervous, dude. My plane was delayed, I missed dinner and my ride. I didn't have time to freak out about the match. I was just worried about getting to the arena!"
But pre-match jitters finally set in for the current champion.
"It wasn't until I rolled into the ring and got clocked by Tank Jones that I realized my night was going to get a whole lot rougher."
Terry did have some luck that night. He was given number 15 in the 30 man event. Terry didn't get to the arena until the first 4 entrants were fighting for the coveted gold.
"It was like my travel plans were sabatoged, man." Steele said. "But whoever didn't want me to get to the arena tonight had their plans trumped. The Big Dude upstairs made sure I got a chance to do my thing!"
It may have been better that Terry Steel had no time for reflection. He was entering the same match with many of his former classmates from Costello's gym. He was also going to be in the ring with friend Brad Williams. Mr. Williams was instrumental in getting Terry Steel involved with wrestling.
There were many personal relationships involved in tonight's match that could have been more daunting than winning the championship itself. Luckily, for Terry Steel he overcame all the potential adversity and distraction to be the last man standing.
Terry Steel wasn't the only one with a big smile tonight. Almost immediately, GCW fans have taken to the big hoss from Texas. The crowd was cheering loudly, but none probably louder than mentor and trainer, Kenneth Costello.
As most fans know, Costello is no stranger to the squared circle. The list of grapplers that have graduated from his gym is a virtual "who's who" in the industry, as well as obvious future legends. You can bet after tonight, that some of those former students will be gunning forTerry Steel.
JC Jones, one of Costello's top students who's recently signed with GCW, was eliminated before Terry Steele entered the match.
When contacted about having a fellow student win, JC Jones was less than ecstatic:
"Listen, punk. I don't care that I went to school and trained with Steele. All that means is that I know his weaknesses. He can have every fan cheer his Texas a** in that ring, but ain't nothin' gonna wake him up from a JC stunner or a golden glove combo."
Of course, the former golden gloves champion is referring to his lethal boxing skills and his patented stunner that has left more than a few opponents unconscious with a crushed larynx in the middle of the ring.
Nick Castle, who has been dogged for years about who the future star of this business will be, he or Terry Steele, was not full of good cheer either.
"Greatness is not measured by what you do on any given night, little man. It's measured by what you do EVERY night. And what I do every night is outsmart and outwrestle clumsy oafs like Terry Steele.
"He didn't beat me tonight. I had 29 other inferior athelets gang up on the one guy they KNEW is destined to hold that gold. That's me, the king of the ring, doctor of style, NICK CASTLE.
"He better load up on the polaroids while he can, because a picture of him with that title is going to be real rare, real soon. Now where's Commissioner Parker? I should be the number one contender!"
As usual, the flamboyant Nick Castle was not at a loss for words. And not surprisingly, with all of those words, none of them were congratulatory to the new champion.
Well, one thing is for certain, it's a great night for Terry Steel, but when he wakes up tomorrow it'll be a whole different story.
Longtime friend and fellow wrestler, Bart Swanson put it best when he said:
"Tonight, Terry didn't just gain a belt made of gold for his waist, he also earned a crosshair for his head."
I asked Mr. Williams whether he had a crosshair of his own for his friend, but he walked away without further comment.
It seems clear that while tonight Terry Steel made it to the top of the mountain, the real question is:
                                         How long can he stay there?
GCW Champion!
     Norman Taylor
     GCW reporter
Terry Steel outlasts thirty men to become GCW Champion! . . . . . JC Jones vows to take championship from former classmate . . . . . . . . . . . Mentor and Trainer, Kenneth Costello is esctatic over Steel's win. "I always knew this day would come, I just didn't know it'd be this soon."  . . . . . . . . . 3 time Texas regional champion, Nick Castle, petitioning GCW board for number one contendership and a match against newly crowned champ, Terry Steele . . . . . . . . . Terry Steel on his title win: "It's a whirlwind, man." . . . . . . GCW fans were steadily behind Steel during his match . . . . . . Steel to make speech on Monday Night's GCW Full Court Smash on USA Network 9 PM eastern . . . . . . .Commisioner, Victor Parker to disclose official GCW rankings tommorrow night . . . . . . manager, Willard Lumpkin vows that he will manage the wrestler that will take the title from Terry Steel . . . . . . Lumpkin adds, "Steel is an egomaniac who can't wrestle. The fans are stupid . ..and they smell half the time, too! Now get out of my way, I have an important appointment!" . . . . . .
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Terry Steel delivers a Rock-Bottom to Jimmy Styles during the 30 man Darwin's Dungeon: Survival of the Fittest match at GCW Aftershock 2004
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