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30 Man Darwin's Dungeon match set to make history . . . Gino Tortello's injuries from Kevin Morgan's attack are still unknown, but it is expected he will return to the ring . . . Grahm Valentine's injuries from Kevin "The Crusher" Morgan's attacks are unknown and there is speculation that Valentine may be making an announcement in the coming weeks concerning whether he will be able to return to the ring . . . Kevin "The Crusher" Morgan is expected to be in the Darwin's Dungeon match despite rumors that the GCW Board wanted to suspend him for his attack on Valentine and Tortello . . .
April 2, 2004
CHARLES: Styles has NO chance against a guy as big as Miguel.  It's size that'll win this!
KEVIN: Oh My GOD!! What a super-kick by Styles - he's floored the big towering monster known as Miguel.
CHARLES: I told you he could do it! It's speed that's going to win this!
Charles (left) Kevin (right)
KEVIN: He's got the big man in a headlock. Styles has taken control of this match. He better be careful not to expend too much energy early on or he'll never last to the end.
CHARLES: Styles is a thinking man's wrestler. You watch - he's got a gameplan.  I bet right now he's going to follow up with a  . . .
KEVIN: Whoa! Miguel effortlessly lifted Styles onto his shoulders and delivered a death valley driver! So was that what Styles was going to follow up with, Charles? The wrong end of a death valley driver.
CHARLES:  . . . I told you, Harris. SIZE matters. The big man is going to win this!
KEVIN: Oh please!
KEVIN: Styles is nothing but a motionless carcass. Miguel is effortlessly lifting him off the canvas. He's probably going to toss him over the top rope and . . .NO!! A South of the Border Driver!
CHARLES: He can still come back, Harris. Styles is a . . .
KEVIN: Mess! And he's hurting in a bad way.
The next entrant Tank Jones then came to the ring. Miguel and Tank Jones fought while Jimmy Styles regained his breath.
After several more entrants, Jimmy Styles was still in the match . . .barely.
KEVIN: Tank Jones nearly eliminated Jimmy Styles. He's got more lives than a cat!
CHARLES: He's outsmarting them all, Harris. I like this kid!
Styles and Miguel fought back and forth until the next entrant, Tank Jones, came to the ring. Miguel and Tank Jones fought while Jimmy Styles regained his breath.
After several more entrants, Jimmy Styles was still in the match . . .barely.
Tank Jones went on to eliminate the big man, Miguel. Jimmy Styles was still narrowly avoiding elimination. Every entrant was gunning for him, knowing he must be the weakest. Styles still managed to not only hang in there, but to seize opportunities.
KEVIN: Styles just eliminated Frankie Rollins!
CHARLES: This kid's going to win it all.
KEVIN: I don't know about that, Charles. No wrestler who has started a Darwin's Dungeon match has ever even made it to the final four. That's plain history.
CHARLES: Well history is going to change tonight, Harris! While we're making history, why don't you for once skip the onions on your hot dog - you're killing me. I'm in worse shape than Frankie  Rollins just was.
KEVIN: Shut up, Chucky Cheese!