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Terry Steel successfully defends title against challenger Kevin Morgan . . . Steel suffers a sprained ankle from post match attack by Nick Castle and will be out of action for two weeks . . . Commissioner Victor Parker warns Nick Castle that any further interferences in Terry Steel's matches will result in severe fines and penalties . . .Nick Castle declares war on Terry Steel and says he's not coming alone . . . Kenny Costello claims protoge, Terry Steel, is more than capable of handling Nick Castle in or out of the ring . . . Jose Santanna captures the Cruiserweight title from Japanese superstar, Yakimora in a ladder match
     "The Prince"
Nick Castle
Nick Castle
"I melt the ladies and I burn the men and I've got more money than God!"
Nick Castle wasn't born into the opulance he now so arrogantly flaunts. Maybe that's exactly why he acts the way he does.
Nick Castle's father left when he was only 7 years old. From age 7 to 14 he was raised by his single mother and money was a scarcity. Castle excelled a football and his grades were good. At agre 14 his mother married a well to do accountant and Castle's life changed for the better.
But sometimes what is given with one hand is taken away by the other.
Nick's stepfather was an authoratative man who leaned hard on the teenager. Castle rebelled and while money was no longer tight, Castle's home was a lot colder. Battles between Castle and his stepfather hit an all time high forced the young youth to leave home at 17.
A football scholarship got Castle into college. Once in college, Castle started to take his childhood love of wrestling more seriously. After competing in a few amateur matches Castle suffered a knee injury. WHen his coaches found out what he had been doing they forbade his particpation in any wrestling activities.
Castle continued and eventually was thrown off the team and lost his scholarship. The only wat for him to stay in school was for his step-father to pay.
Castle's step father agreed as long as Castle agreed to major in accounting and follow in his step-father's footsteps. The only thing Castle was going to do with his foot was put it in an uncomfortable place and follow it up with a calculator.
Castle dropped out of college and pursued his career in wrestling. It was a long hard road and Castle saw some lean times, but eventually he gained the recognition he worked so hard for.
Many disagree with the wethics he uses in and out of the ring that have brought him this far, but none can deny his place in this sport.
He is a world title contender wherever he goes. And wherever he goes he's accompanied by the finest wine, the finest cars and a long line of beautiful ladies.
Castle has hit the big time and he's not letting a moment or a penny go to waste.
Castle's knife edge chops have left many an opponent dazed and stung. Crowds around the world echo "owwwwch!" every time Castle uses the move.
Name: Nicholas "The Prince" Castle
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 255
Age: 35
Trademark Moves: Figure Four Leglock, Brass Knuckles
Titles Held: Texas Regional Title (7)
National Wrestling Council Heavyweight Title (3)
Favorite Quote: "If it wasn't for the little people, there'd be no one to step on. ",
and "I'm royalty, baby! Whoooo!"
Signature Moves:
Castle works on his opponent's leg to set them up for his dreaded figure-four
Castle pulls back on his opponent's leg hoping for another submission
Subtlety and humilty are not among Nick Castle's prominent character traits
The Prince doesn't always act like royalty and he's never above administering a low blow. He's often said, "To ride the high road, you've got to travel the low roads . . . just don't get caught. Whoooo!"
Quite often Castle enhances his punches with a pair of brass-knuckles.